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Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum

Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum

 (1268 Reviews)

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Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum

Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum

 (1268 Reviews)
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Are you ready to experience better pleasure time?

Experts crafted Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum to work deep within the skin to relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue, leading to more frequent, intense, and enjoyable orgasms for women of all ages.

Read about the success stories of Liascy™ customers!


I haven't had an orgasm during sex in 2.5 years due to being on antidepressants. After ordering Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum to try it out, I finally was able to have an orgasm with my husband. It was more than that, though. It was a breakthrough for me because I realized that I need to prioritize my pleasure and not just his. I could not be more grateful to the scientists involved in creating this product. It has helped me individually and in my marriage because I am now more comfortable voicing what I want sexually. Thank you💦, thank you,💦 thank you.💦” 

Jean Mills
New York, United States 

Everything you need to know: Female Orgasm

As women age, hormonal changes, menopause, and other physiological factors can influence their sexual response and desire. Some women may find that they experience changes in their ability to reach orgasm or the intensity of their orgasms as they get older. Additionally, life experiences, stress, and relationship dynamics can also play a role in a woman's sexual pleasure.

Moreover, sexual satisfaction and intimacy are crucial components of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. If one partner experiences challenges in achieving orgasm, it can lead to feelings of frustration, inadequacy, and even emotional distance between the couple.

Thankfully,  Liascy™  is designed to enhance and intensify women's intimate experiences, allowing women to fully embrace pleasure and connection. Say hello to a more fulfilling and pleasurable intimate life with Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum.

How does Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum work?

"Liascy™ is a localized application that focuses on enhancing sexual pleasure, rather than treating sexual dysfunction. Our goal is to provide women with the opportunity to experience greater sexual fulfillment, harnessing the potential that already exists within them. We believe in promoting equity in sexual satisfaction for women and strive to offer a safe and effective solution." Dr. Miranda Mckinney

Relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue: Helps to enhance arousal and intensify sensations, making the journey to orgasm more enjoyable and satisfying.

Natural Libido Boost: It contains powerful ingredients that synergistically stimulate the body's natural pathways associated with desire and pleasure. By targeting the hormonal and neurological systems responsible for intimacy, the serum naturally boost the libido and create a heightened sense of passion.

Enhanced Sensitivity:
Our formula incorporates ingredients with vasodilatory properties, increasing blood flow to heighten sensitivity and responsiveness. Experience a deeper connection as she revels in the newfound sensations during your intimate moments.

A study involving 120 women who used Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum showed a significant increase in the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). The serum proved to have a positive impact on female sexual function, enhancing arousal, orgasm intensity, and ease of achieving orgasm. These results highlight the efficacy of Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum in improving women's sexual experiences and satisfaction.

Why choose Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum?

  • Clinically tested, Cruelty free ,Paraben free
  • Women aged 23–75 reported increased ease, intensity, & frequency of orgasm
  • Frequent, intense, & satisfying orgasms 
  • For use solo or with a partner
  • Relaxes vaginal & clitoral smooth muscle tissue
  • Sustainably sourced & responsibly packed -Vegan-formulated
  • Individual Packing

Empowering Key Ingredients:

Cannabidiol: Penetrates deep into the tissues of your inner labia and clitoris to relax the smooth muscle and stimulate intense and satisfying orgasms.
Maca Root: Revered for its potential to improve sexual desire, boost energy levels, and support hormonal balance.
Ginkgo Biloba: Known for its positive effects on blood circulation and cognitive function, amplifying arousal during intimate moments.
Phospholipids: Locks in moisture, supports the body's natural hydration process

Customer Reviews for Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum

" After reading the info and reviews we decided to purchase the intro set to give Liascy™ a fair trial. My wife commented after she applied it the first time that there was "something going on" but she wasn't exactly sure what. We were able to enjoy our time together with the usual levels of excitement, nothing more, but nothing less. We tried the 2nd pack this past weekend. IT MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE. Admittedly my wife says she is not the "Audible" type. Vella has made her Vocal which I did not expect, but certainly appreciated. As we finished and held each other she enthusiastically said, "Buy it again!" which I happily did today. - John Turner

"As a post menopausal woman intimacy had become painful and my desire was completely gone. I gave the pleasure serum a try and can't thank you enough for providing a product that has made intimacy pleasurable again. The first orgasm was simply amazing! I am looking forward to a future with intimacy again thanks to Liascy™!" - Emily L.
"My wife (68 yrs) had gone years without a climax, so purchased the intro set for her. After one night, she was transformed! She sensationalized with 4 climaxes and is now revved up for round two! I am truly grateful to Liascy™ for creating such a transformative and empowering product line. It has breathed new life into our relationship and allowed us to rediscover the joy and fulfillment that comes with a deeply connected and intimate partnership. Thanks you!!!" - Edwin H.

How to enjoy:

Apply just 5 minutes before sex, or for solo pleasure - to your inner labia and clitoris, and the area surrounding your V. Enjoy the moment, solo or with a partner. Always keep it safe though! 💖


Water, cannabidiol (Hemp-derived CBD), propylene glycol, propanediol (natural emollient and humectant), hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine, 1,2-hexanediol (moisturizer, antimicrobial), mixed tocopherols (a form of Vitamin E), lactic acid, Tocophersolan (a water-soluble form of vitamin E), potassium sorbate, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, sodium hydroxide.


Liascy™ PassionGlow Intimate Serum x 5/10/15/20 pcs


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