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VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil

VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil

 (2,548 Reviews)

✅ 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

✅ Premium Quality Ingredients

✅ Stimulates Hair Growth

✅ FDA Approved

✅ Made in USA

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VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil

VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil

 (2,548 Reviews)
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VegeHeal - A Natural Hair Care Solution

Enhance your hair's health with our pure Black Currant Seed Oil, extracted by cold-pressing to retain essential nutrients. This oil is packed with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a vital fatty acid containing Omega 3, 6, and 9. With up to 15% GLA, it can be incorporated into your daily hair routine or used as a scalp oil to strengthen, repair, and prevent breakage, while nourishing and promoting longer, thicker, and shiny hair.


VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil includes Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), an unsaturated Omega 6 fatty acid that can help combat inflammation and promote overall wellness. Studies have also shown its potential to stimulate hair growth, making it a beneficial ingredient for maintaining a healthy scalp and encouraging new hair growth.


According to research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, consuming Black Currant Seed Oil resulted in thicker hair and less shedding. A group of 80 healthy women with mild female pattern hair loss applied Black Currant Seed Oil every day for 2 months. Over 90% of women experienced an increase in hair density, a measurable thickening of hair strands, and a decrease in overall hair loss after using VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair.


VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil provides nourishment, hydration, and repair for dry, damaged hair, promoting healthy, thick growth while preventing breakage and split ends. The oil also coats hair for a smoother appearance and acts as a barrier against damaging liquids. Whether you have dry damaged hair, oily hair, curly hair, straight hair, or color-treated hair, VegeHeal is suitable for all types of hair for both men and women suffering hair loss, or hair thinning. 

Why is VegeHeal different from other products?

VegeHeal's Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil is 100% natural, organic, and unrefined. It is gentle and suitable for all skin types and hair styles. While there are many medical treatments for thinning hair, such as Minoxidil, our oil offers an alternative with its anti-inflammatory properties. Deficiencies in essential fatty acids can contribute to hair loss, making our oil, which is high in GLA, a helpful supplement to promote hair growth. Additionally, the high antioxidant capacity of GLA serves to protect the body from free radicals and improve overall nutrition, supporting healthy hair growth. Give your hair the opportunity to grow thicker and stronger with the use of Blackcurrant Seed Oil.


Take about 3 - 5 drops and massage evenly into your scalp after bath or shower. For best results use daily for a minimum 2 to 4 weeks.

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How long does it take?

When applied daily, expect to see results from VegeHeal Black Currant Seed Oil in 2-4 weeks. Our best advice: Consistency is key.


Is VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil good for hair growth?

Yes, VegeHeal Oil are proven to improve healthy hair growth and regrowth by replenishing the hair with GLA.


Does VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil have any side effects?

We are not aware of any side effects. That being said, should you feel any adverse side effects please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner immediately.


Does VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil clog my scalp?

One of the common concerns when incorporating oils into hair routines is the potential for clogged scalp. However, VegeHeal Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil boasts a low comedogenic rating, making it unlikely to clog scalp.

  • ★★★★★

    I’ve been losing a lot of hair due to being on keto, thankfully I discovered this amazing BlacCurrant Seed oil! My hair has already grown couple of inches and ton of baby hair coming in! I would highly recommend it!

    Dorothy Ortega

  • ★★★★★

    This is literally the only hair growth oil that I've found that 1. actually works, and 2. doesn't leave a greasy feeling/look to my hair afterwards. I use it a few nights a week after a shower, if not nightly, on trouble areas, or sometimes I'll do a nice even coating all over my scalp, on damp hair with a scalp massager. I then put my hair back in a loose, low ponytail before bed, and in the morning my hair is already softer, smoother, and less apt to tangle. After a week or so, my hair is noticeably thicker and looks overall healthier. I even get compliments on how shiny my hair is when I use it regularly! I will also have to say that consistency is key and just a little goes a long way!

    Alison R.

  • ★★★★★

    Been using for about 3 weeks and can tell a noticeable difference in fullness!

    Kristine King

  • ★★★★★

    As someone with fine hair that gets easily overwhelmed with products, I found this to be an incredibly light leave-in hair serum. The dropper has measurements on it which is an added bonus. This is very easy to distribute evenly on the scalp. Overall great product, definitely going to repurchase!

    Tina Hawkins

  • ★★★★★

    It takes a few weeks but really works.I was looking for a holistic approach for hair thinning. I believe mine was due to age, coloring and alot of STRESS :( I do have a scar at the top of my head that will always have a blank spot (can see in photo)I'd apply it before bed. And wash my hair every other day. The photos after a a week really show a difference and I believe continued use will make it better. There's no scent. And you only need a few drops on scalp at the areas you want.

    Diana Woods


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