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LashUp™ Mess-Free Starter Kit

LashUp™ Mess-Free Starter Kit

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Just Stick The Lashes On Without Any Mess!

Sticking lashes can be a pain in the neck as it may got so messy. Keep yourself clean and free with LashUp™ Mess-Free Starter Kit.

LashUp™ Mess-Free Starter Kit is a foolproof savior for all make-up beginners and experts. Blends in naturally with your own lashes. With eye glue liner to make you mess-free while sticking lashes yet having perfect eye line. Holds on firmly and waterproof so you don’t have to worry under any weather. Stay glam comfortably and conveniently!


  • Simple & Clean:
    Adhesive eyeliner to stay you away from the lash glue, just simply draw an eye line, put on lashes, and done!

  • Natural Looking:
    Looks no difference from your own lashes, volumizing yours in a natural way.
  • Black or Clear:
    You can have black eye line conveniently with black one, or if you’re a beginner, clear one would be the best for you as it can’t be seen even if you failed!

  • Get Your Style:
    With 4 different lashes style to match your needs, no matter you wanna be a girl next-door or sexy queen, we can offer you all that!
  • Trimmable Fit:
    Match your eye shape perfectly as you can trim ends to have the perfect pair.
  • Strong Adhesive:
    Holds firmly on you eyelids, won’t fall off under any weather.

  • Reusable:
    You can use lashes for at least 30 times and eyeliner for at least 90 times.

  • Comfortably Lightweight:
    Feels like feather on your eyelid, super comfy to wear.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Eyeliner Color: Black, Clear

  • Style: Natural, Classic, Glam, Fluffy


  • 1 x LashUp™ Mess-Free Starter Kit
    • 1x Adhesive Eyeliner
    • 1 Pair x Volumizing Lashes
    • 1x Carrying Case

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