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ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick

ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick

 (1268 Reviews)

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ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick

ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick

 (1268 Reviews)
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"I have severe weight problems that cause me very painful joints in my back and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After trying various products with no success, a friend recommended ShapeSlim Stick. Using it consistently for 5 weeks, I've significantly cut down on snacking, feel more relaxed, and am amazed by the change in myself. " - Janie Evans

Olfactory influences on appetite

Enhance your food experience with ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick. Its unique blend of odors stimulates your appetite, salivation, gastric acid, and insulin release, supporting your weight loss journey. Research shows that odors encountered in food-related settings can influence preparatory actions and satiety feelings, making this product a valuable addition to your routine.

Key Features:

OLFACTORY REGULATOR OF APPETITE: ShapeSlim effectively combats snacking, hunger, and frustration by reducing cravings throughout the day, curbing impulsive snacking urges, and aiding in sticking to a healthy diet.

100% NATURAL ORIGIN: Crafted with a combination of 5 potent essential oils (Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Mandarin, Clove, Ceylon Cinnamon) known for their calming, anti-stress, and appetite-suppressing effects. Free of preservatives and synthetic fragrances.

CLINICAL APPROVED:According to reported results from satisfaction tests conducted on 100 women over a period of one month, the use of ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick has been proven to decrease food cravings after smelling the product. Clinical studies have shown that 83% of women experienced a significant decrease in appetite, making it a highly effective tool for managing food cravings.

Let’s take a look at Regina’s 6-week journey using ShapeSlim Appetite Pure Essential Stick

"I have a serious obesity problem, which causes me to be constantly taunted by others that I am fat and leaves me with a serious lack of confidence. And my weight tends to cause me pain all over! At first I was skeptical about this therapy, fearing that I would not get any results from using it. However, I tried using this product anyway. It has a non-irritating smell and smells pleasant. Within just one week of using this product, I really started cut down on snacking."

"In just 3 weeks, I lose 21 pounds of my weight. The perfect decision I ever made in my life. I even noticed that my abs are starting to shape.”

“After the 6 weeks, my final results were incredible. I can say that it is a miracle to be sexy. I lose 36 pounds. Proven and tested that this product is perfect and effective. Let my journey inspires everyone to lose weight hassle-free. The big change in just 6 weeks, 41 pounds gone!”

Regina Wilson
Seattle, Washington


How to use:
Place the inhaler 1 cm from one nostril, block the other nostril and breathe fully the aromas of the essential oils. Repeat with the other nostril in the same way. Use as many times as you feel the need.
Use it daily, without interruptions, to avoid affecting the final results. According to our research data and customer feedback, the most effective results are seen in the 5th week of use. Over 15,000 customers have reported that it is best to purchase 5 or more sets at a time to prevent interruptions in use due to long delivery and logistics processes between orders that may affect results.


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